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The Decision Makeover with Guest Mike Whitaker

Patrick Nelson, October 9, 2017

The Decision Makeover

If I asked you what successful people do that separates them from others, you would probably come up with a few reasons. Arguably, one of the most important is their ability to consistently make good decisions, both big and small. In the newest installment of Lead Star’s Leadership Conversations Podcast, I chatted with Mike Whitaker about his new book, The Decision Makeover: An Intentional Approach to Living Life the Way You Want. 

Research has shown that we make an average of 35,000 decisions every day. Most of these decisions are made without much thought; 1 sugar or 2? Soup or salad? But, some of these 35,000 decisions require much more thought and consideration. Sometimes they can cripple us, leading us to what is known as analysis paralysis, or our overthinking of decisions to the point where we don’t make a decision.

The good news for those of us that might be plagued by perfectionism or procrastination is that we can develop our ability to make better decisions. Here a few things to consider when making decisions:

  • Impact. Our decisions send out ripples that impact others. Find out who those ripples reach and how it impacts them. Solicit their input to help inform your decision.
  • Goals. Setting goals that are both specific and measurable allows you to have benchmarks that both motivates you to make timely decisions and informs you to make the right decision.
  • Think outside the box. Not every decision we make is black and white. Look at the decision from a different perspective. Too often we get caught in group think and make similar decisions to those around us. Step outside the box and ask someone on the periphery their thoughts.
  • Inhibit emotional reactions. Start practicing how to respond instead of react. Instead of allowing your emotions to make a rash decision, learn how to take a pause and use a more learned response instead. One way to start doing this is to re-assess past situations and what you could have done differently.

Making timely, informed decisions will help you be more successful in both your personal and professional lives.

On Leadership Conversations, Mike discusses how we can all learn to make better decisions in a thoughtful and strategic way. He discusses why both large and small decisions are important, as well as the need to develop essential goals to overcome roadblocks in the decision-making process. He also provides practical tips to help us get back on track after making bad decisions.

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