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Champagne Wishes, Post-COVID Dreams

Angie Morgan, July 13, 2020

It’s taken me three months to chill out. 
Once I realized that in-person learning and consulting wasn’t going to happen in 2020, and it was going to be quite some time before I hopped on an airplane, I shifted gears into a new “busy” mode of activity designed to keep my mind and body active in this new grounded world. 
I established new business goals, created new life projects, and doubled down on my early to bed, early to rise work ethic that’s been my secret sauce all throughout life.  I treated each day as if gold stars were being passed out by a COVID-19 governing body for those who could be most productive during this pandemic.
A few weeks into this routine, when I found myself creating work for work’s sake, I took a good hard look in the mirror and asked myself “What the heck are you doing?”  (Okay, I didn’t really say heck.  I know you understand.)
I knew what I was doing.  I was working overtime in an effort to pretend I had control over my life’s circumstances.  Work’s my comfort space.  Not only do I think I’m good at it, but as a business owner and entrepreneur, I’ve often felt like it’s the only thing I can control.  In this COVID-19 space, I really needed this control. 
I talked with Courtney about this dilemma I was having.  We talked about what we really do control in this world (and it’s not much, just our own actions and our responses to circumstances) and, more importantly, what I was missing out on by focusing so much on my desperate attempt to achieve control. 
I realized quickly that there were other aspects of my life I wanted to pay attention to and this space afforded an opportunity to find a new rhythm.  After a 16+ year career of collecting air and hotel points, I needed to find a new groove.  One where I was able to continue to reinvent our company, building on the innovative coaching business Courtney and I are quite proud of, but also use the time when I’m not traveling to be less busy and, consequently, get better at being more present and in-the-moment.  (Something I’m really not good at.)
Like many of you, I’ve had a lot of time to turn inward during this unique space in time.  I’m learning so much about myself; in fact, here are the top three things I’ve discovered so far: 

  • I’m more creative when I’m less busy.  Courtney and I are doing some exciting work right now as we support our clients during crisis times and understand how we’ll contribute to a better normal going forward… I’m so grateful that this less-busy world allows my mind the time to explore ideas in ways I just wasn’t able to in the past.  These ideas aren’t just work-related, either.  I’m becoming quite a cook!  (That’s slightly exaggerated.  I think the reality is that I’m starting to cook more, and my “customers” are sending less meals back to the kitchen.)
  • I like my kids … a lot … and want to spend time with them.  Okay, so I love my kids – they’re great!  But now that we’re spending so much time together, I’m enjoying our random Tuesday evening conversations about current events.  I love learning about their ideas, opinions of TikTok, and how their minds work.  You may not have kids, but I bet you’re enjoying the depths of your most important relationships right now … and don’t want to miss out on this when we rebound back to “business as usual.”
  • There is no such thing as security – I need to worry less, live more.  I’ve learned that an employer, a client, our government, my bank account, can’t offer me security.  The only security that I really have is my talent and work ethic.  I need to use what I’ve been given to add greater value to this world; this will require greater risks.  I need to worry less about what I have to lose and focus more on what I can gain from new experiences and experiments.

I acknowledge that COVID has presented a lot of painful challenge and change for so many of us.  Yet, I also know that transformation can be an outcome of even the most difficult times.  Please, take the time to process what you’re discovering about you … and find ways to ensure that these ideas carry with you.  My hope is that we can all find ways to have meaning from this collective experience.
p.s.  What are your three discoveries?  I’d love to hear!  Feel free to email them to me.

We’re with you,


My boys and me … chilling out

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