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Who’s in Your Ear?

Angie Morgan, September 23, 2019

Who’s in Your Ear?

I created an iTunes playlist this summer that changed my life.  Okay, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic.  But, honestly, it’s a series of songs that inspire me, motivate me, and push me to do my best.  This playlist creation was intentional and comprised of old and new songs, some with personal meaning and others that are as deep as a puddle … but so much fun. (I’m talking about you, Pitbull.)

I play my list when I go on long runs, when I’m driving, or even when I’m cooking in the kitchen.  What I’ve found is that this song collection keeps me in a pretty steady state of optimism and will always, without fail, pick me up.

I’ve found, too, that positive people can have the same effect.

Just as one great song can change the trajectory of your day, one positive leader can help you:

  • Build your confidence by helping you shape your internal dialogue
  • Develop your grit by offering words of encouragement
  • Alter your mood in one brief, small exchange

We all know the people in our worlds who lift us up.  I have a dear friend who is so energetic that her sentences seem to end in exclamation points.  She generates so much enthusiasm in simple conversations and her spirit is so contagious.  I have other friends, too, that whenever I see their names on caller id, I smile in anticipation of the exchange.

The point to all of this – music, relationships – is that an important part of leadership is self-management.  We’re better able to influence and inspire when we make the effort to put forth our best attitude, which can be altered simply by what and who we’re listening to.

So, simple question: What and who is in your ear?  The more intentional about what and who influences you, the more focused you can be on your leadership development.

Hey, I’m creating a Lead Star playlist!!  Email me your favorite pick-me-up song – amorgan@leadstar.us!!  I’ll share a few selections on LinkedIn. 
(We’re connected on LinkedIn, right?  If not, here’s a link to my page.)

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