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What are the COVID-19 Triggered Changes?

Lead Star, May 11, 2020

The pandemic has certainly changed our working world and it’s just getting started.  More Americans are unemployed than at any time since the Great Depression.  We have a unique vantage point at Lead Star to see how uneven the impact of the crisis is … so far.

Right now, some industries like oil and gas, hospitality and professional services have been hit extremely hard.  Other industries like big tech, food manufacturing and telecom appear to be thriving through the crisis, even with the obvious changes employees have had to undergo to meet demand.

Geographic locations are also influencing how we’re experiencing this pandemic.  In communities with fewer cases, some question whether shutdowns are necessary.  In hard hit cities, we see leaders calling for longer lockdowns and more stringent safety precautions.

Disruption is a catalyst for reimagination and reinvention.  We are witnessing the beginnings of epic changes and shifts, here are a few:

  • Leadership style:  Authoritative, top down leadership is out of season.  Collaborative, flexible, agile thinking is helping organizations excel.  Mandating a return to office by June 1st was the sentiment for many leaders just ten days ago.  Workers rejected that.   Now, policies that allow working from home for the rest of the year when possible, or a slow rolling return to the office, are contributing to productivity, safety and trust in leadership.
  • Talent shifts:  White collar workers will be on the move more than we’ve ever seen before.  The disruption of COVID is so deep that even companies and industries feeling relatively unscathed right now will feel deeper impacts in the future.  We’re seeing early signs of professionals considering switching industries, planning to retrain, or moving geographies.  Some savvy regions have already started to recruit remote workers to their localities.
  • Education:  Working remotely and homeschooling your kids is exhausting.  The dialogue has shifted from, “Will schools open in the fall?” to “How can schools open safely?” demonstrating the economic need for schools to reinvent to reopen.

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We’re with you,
Angie and Courtney

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