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The Fantastic To Do List

Courtney Lynch, June 5, 2017

The Fantastic To Do List

For many of us, making a “to do” list is our lifeline – without it we feel lost. We cherish every time we get to cross off a completed task. I agree that as leaders, we often need a list to stay on track and focused on being productive. Yet, I think it’s important that we realize our list of things to do can narrow our view point. A typical “to do” list can draw our attention to short-term tasks at the expense of realizing that the actions we do everyday are what must add up to a life well led in the long term.
To counter the short-term “get it done” mindset of the typical to do list, I encourage you to make a “Fantastic To Do List” to complement your rundown of the mundane tasks, work projects and administrative needs. The Fantastic To Do List is driven by your heart and vision, rather than your pressing must dos. It takes a longer view. Instead of being for the day or week, it’s for the month or quarter. This list is comprised of the few activities you’d like to complete (think less is better) that bring you the joy and hope that accompanies doing something significant for yourself or for those you care about.

Right now, my Fantastic To Do list includes:

  • Writing a long letter and sending photos to my great aunt. She faithfully writes me a short note each month. I’d like to let her know how much I appreciate that.
  • Making time to be mentored by an expert I admire. I recently reached out to someone whose work I respect. I asked if he would coach and develop me around how to apply his research. I’m excited he said “yes,” and now I need to do my pre-work for those sessions.
  • Begin to budget and plan for my husband’s 50th birthday celebration. While his birthday is not until next year, to do something epic, I need to get started now.
  • Spend time at the pool and lake. Summer is here and will be gone before we know it. By intentionally focusing on how I’ll make the most of the season, I’ll have the margin for lazy afternoons waterside.

Achieving lasting success and fulfillment means making time to do what we consider fantastic. You’ve likely got a pretty good (and long) typical “to do” list. Add a fantastic one to the top of it!

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