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Sum of Choices

Lead Star, January 28, 2013

In a world where many compete for air time, do not get distracted by the noise.  Rather, focus on results.  We all are a sum of our choices.  Our success, and the quality of our lives, is ultimately measured by the things we proactively do, not the words we aggressively say.

What are your values?  What principles guide you as a leader?  If you do not know, take a break and spend time writing down what matters to you most of all.  This is a critical step for any leader because if you know what you stand for, you know what will guide you when making important life decisions.

There are three ways that we grow as leaders: Experience, new knowledge and reflection.  As you look to expand your leadership capacity, work to incorporate all of these actions into your daily routine.

  • Gain experience by trying a new leadership tactic, such as spending time listening to others and eliminating distractions – like technology – that inhibit your presence.
  • Acquire new knowledge by reading or attending a conference.
  • Be alone with yourself.  Spend time reflecting on what is going right and, more importantly, what’s not working out so well.

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