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SPARK: How to Lead Yourself and Others to Greater Success

Angie Morgan, August 15, 2016

If you truly want to become a Spark in your organization and in your life, I urge you to read this book now. – Mike Krzyzewski, Head Coach, Duke University Men’s Basketball

Lead Star has been designing and delivering leadership programs for diverse businesses for more than a decade. We’ve been inside some of the world’s most impressive companies, like Facebook, Google, ESPN, Walmart, Best Buy and Marathon Oil, as well as some equally impressive – let lesser known – organizations. What never ceases to amaze us is the talent found within – committed professionals who are Sparks: the doers, thinkers and innovators who make results possible.

What makes these Sparks unique isn’t a special pedigree, charisma or job title. Most often they’re not even found within their organization’s managerial ranks. They are simply talented professionals who’ve learned to lead through influence and, as a result, they stand out within organizations through their ability to get “stuff” done.

Lead Star has long promoted that leadership and management are two separate concepts. For years, we’ve been providing behavioral-based leadership training to help businesses develop leaders at all levels of their organization. Our methods for developing and identifying Sparks have been so effective that we – Courtney, Sean and I – were motivated to write a book to help more professionals realize how they can be Sparks, too.

Through SPARK: How to Lead Yourself and Others to Greater Success, we’ve created a roadmap that will help you – at whatever stage of your career you find yourself in – improve your ability to influence outcomes and inspire others. We’ll also share with you how you can be a catalyst for inspiring greater leadership among any team you are a part of.

We’re confident that by reflecting on the seven behaviors we write about and incorporating them into your work routine, you’ll position yourself and the teams you’re a part of for greater success.

We strongly believe that if more businesses commit to developing and identifying Sparks within their ranks, they’ll be more agile and flexible in the complex environment they find themselves in.

We’re proud that leaders like Coach K, Dan Pink, and Marshall Goldsmith have contributed to our work by calling it relevant, myth-destroying and compelling. Fred Smith, the CEO of FedEx, endorsed SPARK by writing the foreword and offering:

The concept of leadership is not a difficult one to understand. It’s simply about taking care of others and treating them fairly, communicating in a way that lets others know what they must do to be successful, and passing along praise for a job well done. It’s that straightforward, but it’s by no means intuitive. It must be learned and practiced. SPARK will help you do just that.

SPARK will be published on January 3. To help us celebrate its release, we’d like to offer you and the team you’re a part of a complimentary copy. If you haven’t already, please reserve your copy of SPARK, as well as share this offer with your colleagues.

We’re certain that when more professionals commit to their leadership development, teams are better, businesses are better, and our world is better.

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