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The SPARK Experience: A leadership book study

Six leaders + Six weeks = Better leaders, better world

The SPARK Experience is an exciting, valuable leadership development experience. It’s a six-week book study based on SPARK: How to Lead Yourself and Others to Greater Success. You’ll choose five additional people (colleagues, team members, friends) to commit about an hour a week to the program for a total of six weeks, meeting in person or virtually.

By choosing to lead a SPARK book study, you’ll be learning leadership best practices and supporting others in their development. You’ll also help ignite personal and organizational growth through idea exchange, best practice sharing and application of lessons learned.

The guide will provide everything you need to get your SPARK Experience up and running.

“The skills I learned as a Marine 50 years ago have been the foundation of my leadership approach throughout my career. SPARK has captured those critical concepts, and presents them in an organized, effective way that makes it easy to bring them to life in today’s challenging business environment. Having worked first hand with Angie, Courtney and Sean in the past, it is no surprise that they have captured the essence of effective leadership in SPARK.”

— Dave Gagnon, CEO, Cafe Rio Mexican Grill —