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End of Chapter Resources

Our goal with SPARK is to share with you those actions you need to take to become a leader in your environment, as well as to develop those around you. Therefore, we conclude each chapter with precise suggestions and ideas on how you can become a Spark, as well as how to inspire others to begin their Spark journeys.

Chapter 1: Confronting the Myths of Leadership
Exercise 1: Circle of Influence
Exercise 2: Self-Awareness
Exercise 3: Leader Discussion

Chapter 2: Your Character: The Congruence Between Values and Actions
Exercise 1: Your Character
Exercise 2: Discovering and Developing Mentors

Chapter 3: The Four Keys to Being a Credible Leader
Exercise 1: Understanding the Expectations of Stakeholders
Exercise 2: Say-Do Gap Discussion
Exercise 3: Culture of Accountability

Chapter 4: Becoming an Accountable Leader
Exercise 1: Accountability Grid
Exercise 2: Team Accountability

Chapter 5: Act with Intent: Make Decisions That Matter
Exercise 1: Your Vision
Exercise 2: Burnout
Exercise 3: 100 Day Action Plan

Chapter 6: Be of Service: Recognize and Meet Others’ Needs
Exercise 1: Culture Discussion
Exercise 2: Leadership Laboratory

Chapter 7: Build Your Confidence
Exercise 1: Confidence Moments
Exercise 2: Developing Positive Appraisals

Chapter 8: Demonstrate Consistency
Exercise 1: The Consistency Habit
Exercise 2: Time Management

“Winning performance is dependent on Sparks, those rare individuals within your organization who get things done and then some. This book will teach you how to become a Spark…and how to lead them too.”

— David Burkus, author of Under New Management and host of Radio Free Leader podcast —