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Service, Workplace Heroes and People First

Lead Star, May 25, 2020

Memorial Day is about acknowledging service and sacrifice as we honor those who died serving our country.  Today we have the opportunity to express service and put others first amid COVID times. 
Lead Star Partner, Angie Morgan, served as a U.S. Marine.  In this essay, she shares why she served and how best to serve others during these trying times.  

Double Down on PEOPLE FIRST
June is a time of transition for many of us as we begin to return to the office, which invokes a range of emotions … and a range of actions among businesses trying to get their workplaces ready.  (Some great … some not so great.)
Here’s what we know: businesses that put PEOPLE FIRST will come out of this pandemic stronger and in a better position to rebound fast.  Click here to learn how you can be a “Workplace Hero” in COVID-19 times; small actions, demonstrated consistently, will help you cultivate a secure and safe environment – one where everyone can contribute. 

Bright Spot
While the headlines these days are full of tough news, the frontlines of humanity contain stories of hope, support, care, and concern.  We recently connected with a leader who provides interpretive services for the deaf.  She shared that she’s been seeing a lot more humanity in her transmissions.  Before COVID, her communications had become transactional between the parties and often she was treated with little respect.  Today, as she interprets during the pandemic, she’s witnessing a completely different climate on her calls.  Now, most of the time she is observing greater and more expressive interest in health, happiness, security, and safety – with participants even inquiring about her wellbeing.  Her hope is that this renewed emphasis on the value of others lasts through and beyond COVID.

Wednesday Webinar
Do you miss the best parts of your job?  We do, too.  We know many of us are being pulled in a variety of directions right now to respond to our organization’s needs.  We’re conscientious – we want to perform.  Yet performance looks very different than what we’re used to.  Join us at 11am ET on Wednesday, May 27th for a webinar where we’ll focus on what we’re learning about performance in this moment and how to reclaim your focus so you can be present for the lessons you’re learning in order to level up in the future.

Click here to register.
We’ll also use the opportunity to answer any of your questions as they relate to: returning to work, building your leadership skills right now, how to stay in the game (mentally, physically, emotionally), or just about anything else you want to ask us.  Email your questions in advance to amorgan@leadstar.us.  We’ll also take your questions live on Wednesday.
We’re with you,
Angie and Courtney

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