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Episode 24: Marshall Goldsmith


Marshall Goldsmith

Be Credible

What do I have to do around here to be successful?

Do you spend your days working hard, yet failing to meet expectations? Are other people around you getting access to opportunities that just don’t get sent your way? You can spend a lot of time frustrated by the situation, or you can take action and do something about it.

Being the go-to person in your work environment begins with getting a clear understanding of what’s expected of you. Here’s a hint: it’s often not bright-lined in your job description.

Join us as Angie Morgan speaks with Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times Bestselling author and modern-day inventor of the 360, who will share with us how to get a clear sense of expectations and be more influential in our work environments.

Truth #1: Meaningful behavioral change is very hard to do.

Truth #2: No one can make us change unless we truly want to change.

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