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Episode 23: Morag Barrett


Morag Barrett

Cultivate: The Power of Winning Relationships

Leaders rarely fail because of lack of technical ability, but do so because they don’t cultivate effective working relationships.

Are you

  • Working with a difficult colleague?
  • Plagued with the worst of office politics, shifting alliances and silos?
  • Looking to take your career to the next level?

Then listen into this podcast where Lead Star Founding Partner, Angie Morgan, speaks with Morag Barrett, author of Cultivate: The Power of Winning Relationships. Morag is a leadership development expert, speaker, and author. She has worked with over 3,000 executives and senior leaders in Fortune 100 organizations in more than twenty countries.

In Cultivate, Morag shares that you cannot be successful in business, or in life, unless you are successful in cultivating your professional relationships. The world of work is a team sport. You need the support, insight and advice of trusted advisors, otherwise known as your Allies. In this podcast, Morag shares how to nurture these Ally relationships to increase your impact and accelerate your success.

Reflect on your talents and strengths. Be proud of them. When you are having a bad day (and we all do), this is the time to return to these anchors, to remind ourselves that moments of weakness, moments of missed expectations, are just that – moments.


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