We weren’t born leaders

We became leaders during our years in the Marine Corps, where we endured some of the toughest training on earth and learned the skills we’d carry with us throughout our lives.

To put our team before ourselves.

To help others succeed.

To find the courage to take meaningful risks.

With the skills and confidence to lead, we soared

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We honed those field-tested strategies in the corporate world, in government, and as business owners.

We quickly learned that our capacity to lead was our superpower — one we were excited to share with others. Meanwhile, friends and peers confided in us. Without the clarity, training, and confidence to lead others, their true potential remained just out of reach.

We wrote the book on real-world leadership

In 2004, we joined forces to write the best-selling book, Leading from the Front, outlining our 10 proven strategies for becoming an effective leader.

leading from the front

And took our biggest risk yet

That same year, we left the comfort of our corporate jobs to launch our dream project: Lead Star.

Along the way, we’ve seen it all, from the lowest of lows to career-defining highs. Together, we’ve grown as leaders, collaborators, and friends with an unshakable belief in the value of leadership development. We believe better leaders contribute to a better world. That’s a serious mission, yet we’ve learned to never take ourselves too seriously.

Most importantly, we’ve helped high achievers around the world unlock their true potential through our one-on-one coaching, keynote addresses, and corporate leadership programs.
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But we knew leadership wasn't just for those at the top

Inspired by our conversations with leaders around the world, we wrote our second book, the New York Times best seller, Spark, to equip leaders at all levels with leadership best practices. We also created the free online Spark Experience toolkit with videos, worksheets, and presentations to support readers in developing leadership skills in themselves and others, and to help them develop the teams they’re a part of.

Now, we're thrilled to be working directly with leaders just like you

After two decades as Lead Star, we’re focused on helping individuals reach their true potential. Year to Rise is our year-long, one-on-one leadership development experience. This custom coaching program is based on you and your needs, pairing you directly with Angie or Courtney for a structured quarterly curriculum that leads to meaningful results.

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Meet Angie

Angie Morgan is a dynamic, creative thought leader who knows how to unlock the capability and talent of leaders at all levels.

After serving as a Marine Corps officer, Angie led in pharmaceutical sales for Merck and Pfizer. She’s been a special advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on diversity initiatives, and engages routinely with boards and organizations to drive performance. Angie is an avid athlete — her competitive nature and motivation to win shows up in every client engagement as she inspires others to be their best.

  • Education: BA and MBA University of Michigan
  • Passion: My Peloton bike - follow me @leadstar
  • Guilty Pleasure: Tie - Ice cream and People Magazine
  • Happiest When: I'm laughing at the dinner table with my boys, Judge and Gard
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Meet Courtney

Courtney Lynch is a big-picture thinker whose life’s mission is to support individuals as they become the best leaders they know.

She spent nine years as a Marine Corps officer, managed a top-notch software sales team, and practiced at one of the nation’s leading law firms. Courtney also served as an elected official and as Chief Operating Officer at a rapidly scaling U.K.-based technology company. Clients turn to Courtney for her in-the-moment advice and breadth of real-world experiences.

  • Education: BA, N.C. State and JD, William & Mary Law School
  • Favorite Place on Earth: Any ski slope anywhere
  • Best Advice I've Received: Run your own race well
  • Mom To: Kara, Jessica and Brady

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