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About Lead Star

It’s amazing when ordinary people recognize they are capable of extraordinary things.

Courtney Lynch and Angie Morgan were ordinary people who chose to serve in the Marine Corps. Through their service, they developed the skills that would later help them succeed in the private sector. It wasn’t until leaving the military that Courtney and Angie realized something special: leadership isn’t an innate, luck-of-draw trait. It can be developed. Anyone, everywhere, has the ability to become a leader.

Under that premise, together they founded Lead Star, an agile, high-caliber leadership development firm. With 15 years of experience working with talented leaders within Fortune 500 companies, small and mid-sized businesses, leading nonprofits, government agencies and respected academic institutions, Lead Star has partnered with organizations to cultivate the leader in all of us, focusing on creative, customized solutions and service-based leadership that empowers individuals to be authentic, proactive, and accountable.

Lead Star believes:

  • Leadership is never about power, prestige, job titles, or perks—it’s about responsibility.
  • Challenge and adversity should be welcomed—through it, we find invention and innovation.
  • Every leadership solution should be customized, benchmarked and grounded in research. That’s why Lead Star immerses itself in their client’s culture to ensure every program they develop is authentic, relevant, and addresses pressing business needs.

Lead Star develops leaders. Learn more about who we are.

Courtney Lynch

Lead Star co-founder, Courtney Lynch, is a 20-year leadership expert. From facilitating executive team sessions, to delivering high-value keynotes and conducting engaging workshops to Lead Star’s diverse portfolio of clients, it’s no wonder Courtney’s passion for leadership is contagious. Read more

Angie Morgan

Angie co-founded Lead Star to help professionals understand how they can achieve greater success by implementing leadership practices into their work routines. Her remedy: designing leadership programs that are culturally relevant for her clients and focused on results. Angie inspires individuals to take action. Read more

Morag Barrett

Morag is a highly effective speaker, facilitator and coach for new managers and seasoned executives. Originally from the UK, she has worked with a wide range of cultures and businesses developing high potential individuals and teams across the United States, Europe and Asia. Read more

Eric Spencer

With a background in Operations and Product Development, Eric brings a no-nonsense perspective and a business-centric focus to his work. He is a highly effective speaker, facilitator, and coach for both new managers and seasoned executives alike. Read more

Sean Lynch

Sean’s early leadership accomplishments occurred post-Yale, as a United States Air Force F-16 fighter pilot. After completing military service, Sean applied his leadership experience to the airline industry as a commercial pilot. Read more

Patrick Nelson

As the inaugural NFL-Tillman Military Scholar and recipient of a Horatio Alger Military Scholar award, Patrick has gained both local and national accolades for his military service, academic career and work as a professional speaker and trainer. Read more

Ruby Vesely

Ruby is a highly skilled human resources and organizational development professional with more than fifteen years’ experience in high-tech, non-profit, and healthcare organizations. Read more

Ben Whiting

Ben is an award-winning actor, playwright, corporate speaker, and entertainer. He began developing his presentation skills as a child, when he discovered a love of magic and theatre. This passion eventually inspired him to turn to leadership development, where he could help others develop their communication skills and their ability to influence. Read more

Liz Lamirand

Liz serves as the firm’s Executive Director, where she handles everything from client relations to strategic partnerships. Liz oversees all activities related to our business, including developing course materials, administering online assessments, and providing infrastructure and support for our consultants. Read more


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