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Lead Star Network

Meaningful. Personal. Lasting.

High potential women leaders face unique challenges as they continue to grow in their career, which is why we created Lead Star’s Network.  It’s a Network created for women, by women, and is designed to give female leaders a one-year developmental experience that will accelerate their development while helping them build a grad-school quality peer network that will enhance their perspective in powerful ways.

When women join the Network, they get immediate access to:

  • 1-on-1 Coaching with Angie and Courtney.
  • Participation in a Women’s Leadership Forum, a 2-Day Retreat.
  • Networking Opportunities with Outstanding Leaders.
  • Virtual, On-Demand Learning. 

Company Sponsor Benefits

If the future is female, what are you doing to invest in your high-performing women professionals?

When you identify and enroll your women leaders in Lead Star’s Network, you’ll see:

  • Elevated business results due to their focus on their personal leadership development and growth
  • Increased engagement from your high potential women as they create and execute against professional goals they establish for themselves
  • The opportunity to integrate your company’s HR and talent strategy into the participant’s leadership development experience as part of the Network
  • Access to aggregate data from program participants on retention strategies and best practices for women leaders, which can be applied throughout your business
  • A tangible commitment to women leaders that your company can be proud of and promote as part of your diversity and talent development strategy

Membership Dues

Network membership is $8,500 annually per participant.  To ensure Network diversity, no organization can have more than (3) members engaged in the Network at any given time.

To allow for a custom, personalized experience, Network membership is capped at 200 participants.   If the Network is full at your time of inquiry, you’ll have the option of joining our waitlist.

Click here to download the Lead Star Network Brochure and FAQs

Contact us to explore the value of membership in the Network