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Keynote Speaking

Remember the last keynote you went to, the one where the speaker hid behind the podium and read off their slides? That’s not us.

Our leadership specialists are sought-after keynote speakers who get away from the podium to ensure a dynamic, engaging presentation. We have reached hundreds of thousands of professionals globally with our inspiring leadership addresses and can tailor our keynote specifically for your conference.

To give you an idea of what we’ve delivered, here are some titles from recent keynotes.

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How to Lead (When You're Not in Charge)

Leadership has nothing to do with positional authority and everything to do with how well you influence outcomes and inspire others. This keynote shares action-oriented practices that allow you to lead when you are not in charge.


SPARK! How to Lead Yourself and Others to Greater Success

Based on Lead Star’s book “SPARK,” this keynote inspires individuals to make decisions that achieve progress for themselves and others in their organization.

The View from 50,000 ft.—How to think and Act Strategically

Learn leadership lessons directly from an F-16 Air Force Pilot, who shares with professionals how to gain the perspective of a jet pilot without stepping into an aircraft.


How to Achieve Anything You Want To

Leaders aren’t extraordinary people – they are men and women who choose to think big and take action.  This inspirational keynote provides a roadmap for men and women to help them achieve the great goals they have in the back of their mind.

How to Spark Leadership

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