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We know there is no greater way for an individual to grow their leadership skills than to be involved in a focused coaching program delivered by an experienced leader.  

Our coaching programs are designed exclusively for the busy professional who needs to accelerate their development in a relatively short period of time.  What’s more, our programs are delivered in a cohort style so that you can expedite multiple leaders’ development in a supportive, structured learning environment. 

Our cohort programs are ideal for:

  • Executive teams needing to build trust, develop their enterprise-level leadership skills, and create their organization’s strategy/goals
  • Mid-level managers/supervisors strengthening their leadership and preparing for future responsibilities
  • Women leaders who have been tagged for future opportunities and could benefit in an exclusive, women-only learning experience

Most programs last between 3-4 months and include:

  • A live, in-person learning session
  • Assessments (such as Myers Briggs, DiSC, or a 360)
  • 1:1 coaching in a confidential, supportive environment
  • A post-program action plan to ensure the learning continues once the course is complete

Do you have a group of professionals who could benefit from a focused, coaching session?  Let’s talk.

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