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Our Approach

Our approach to leadership development begins with some important beliefs:

  • Leadership development is a process, not a program.
  • For individuals to grow their leadership skills, it takes time, focus and effort.
  • For organizations to embrace leadership development, it needs to start at the top.
  • Every organization is unique – their leadership development solution should be, too.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

We take pride in our ability to produce and provide custom-tailored leadership development programs that are culturally relevant and highly engaging for our clients. We do this by doing all we can to get to know our clients first by immersing ourselves in their culture so we understand — at baseline — how leadership is expressed and, more importantly, how it connects to organizational success.

We also care about tangible, measurable results, which is why we evaluate all of our programs. We want our clients to view leadership development as an investment, not an expense.

Our Process

Lead Star relies upon a proven method to help us partner with clients effectively. Most of our engagements are 12-18 months.

Here’s an overview of the process we follow to ensure exceptional results:

Lead Star Process


Our programs unlock the leader within each member of your organization, but we also aim to connect our leadership development programs directly to tangible business results.

We have pioneered ways to provide clients with qualitative and quantitative data that reinforces the value of their leadership development investment. We implement program surveys and post-program evaluations to measure program impact, which captures behavior changes commensurate with leadership development. We incorporate various academic models into our landmark evaluation process to provide our clients with quantifiable data showcasing the value of their investment.

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