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Not all Models are Perfect 10s 

Angie Morgan, February 5, 2016

We’ve been surrounded by models our whole life – role models, that is. Some have been great! They’ve inspired us to develop leadership behaviors because they’ve set such a positive example. Some of them have been not so great, mostly because they didn’t know what they didn’t know. Most professionals don’t have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, so they approach the responsibility without insight and guidance.

The opportunity in front of all of us is to determine whose example to follow. Here’s a quick checklist to see if the role model you’re following is a positive one:

  • They have a narrow say-do gap; the space between their actions and words is narrow so we know what to expect from them.
  • They’re quick to accept responsibility before placing blame.
  • They don’t gossip or disparage others; they keep confidences because they know it inspires trust in their environments.
  • They’re not afraid to speak their mind, but they do so with tact. Perfect 10’s have an uncanny way of being assertive, yet respectful.
  • They deliver feedback in a manner that inspires others to grow, not to shrink.
  • They make us feel good about ourselves; they look out for us and let us know they care.
  • They aren’t superficial; there’s a level of authenticity they project that’s confidence inspiring.

As you seek out role models in your life, don’t underestimate the importance of being one yourself. You never know who’s observing you and taking cues from your behavior.

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