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Newsflash: There’s Never Enough Time

Angie Morgan, February 11, 2019

“Okay, so what are the barriers to success?” 
I raised this question to a group of leaders I’m working with. Most answers were centered on process, which was a huge relief to me!! Process challenges, in my mind, are easier to address than talent challenges. None of these challenges, either, seemed unsolvable … until we started talking about finding the time to address them. 
This conversation reminded me of many I’ve had before … you know, the ones where we can spot the problems, but don’t make the time to address them. As we all know, unaddressed issues just don’t get better with time.
I then raised the question, “What’s the risk to the business if we don’t solve them right now?” We all agreed it was pretty catastrophic, so we creatively made a schedule that would allow us to change the tires on the proverbial moving car. 
Easy, right? Not always. Even with a schedule, we still have to solve the problems and then implement our solutions.
That’s life, right? Talking about problems, and identifying solutions, is really just the beginning of progress. Real progress is made with true effort. 
Which brings me to the second part of this leadership moment. What are your barriers to success? Think about them for a few minutes. Do they relate to:

  • A poor professional network?
  • Lack of inexperience or education to advance?
  • Dealing with a challenging work environment?
  • Experiencing excess uncertainty in your career?

All of these challenges have solutions, which is why I’d like to use this as an opportunity to share with you two unique offers Lead Star has to support you.
The first is our SPARK Experience Workshop — this is an open enrollment event where you can pull yourself away from the desk for one full day, engage with interesting professionals, and think about where you are and where you want to go as a leader. Learn more >
The next is the SPARK Webinar Series, which are complimentary 30-minute sessions offered monthly designed to refresh and inspire you with new ideas on how to be a better leader. Register now >
This year at Lead Star we’re focused on providing you new ideas that will help you remove the barriers to your success. What are you waiting for? If there’s ever been a time for greater leadership in our world, that time is now. 
Thanks for all you do to be a better leader. We hope you can enjoy either (or both!) of these offers.

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