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Read this if people are depending on you to lead right now

Lead Star, March 23, 2020

The world is drastically different than it was just weeks ago.  The only thing we know for sure about these times is that leaders at all levels are needed.

We’d like to support you as you step up to lead.  For the foreseeable future, we are evolving our weekly leadership moments to a new format titled “Leading in the Moment.”  Our goal is to provide you with compelling insights on how to find your crisis leadership mindset and footing as you brave ahead.

Here’s how we’ll support you:

  • Every Monday we’ll provide highly relevant insights to lead yourself and others during these unprecedented times.
  • Each Wednesday at 11:00 am ET we’ll do a live webinar where we answer specific questions from leaders on how best to navigate real-time challenges.  Submit your questions via email.  We’ll send the invite to this webinar in a separate communication.
  • We’re building a crisis cohort of leaders willing to share perspective as our working world is reshaped.

Crisis Cohort

As the pandemic has unfolded, we’ve realized that our unique value is that we are at the center of a network comprised of talented leaders who are seeing immediate impacts from a variety of vantage points.  From those who lead operations in Italy, to those that have had to lay off 50% of their workforce in 3-days, to those who are trying hard to find a new normal in a home office, we’re listening and supporting leaders in real-time.

There’s value in greater connection and best practices sharing in these moments If you are willing to share what you are experiencing to help others, please sign up to be a part of the cohort.

You can learn more and sign up by clicking here.

Immediate Resource

Late last week we had thousands join us for a 20-minute webcast on leadership, mindset, and productivity in crisis times.  Significant demand for the event contributed to audio and image quality.  We’ve cleaned those issues up and this recording is ready for viewing and discussing with your teams.

Here’s a link to the recording, Thriving in Uncertainty.  Please share with your teams.

Together Matters

Anxiety is high right now; our emotions are real.  We need to use them to move us through this experience.  Simple things like hand washing, social distancing, consistent communication, timely decisions, and supportive listening are good byproducts of channeling your thoughts to actions.  Unproductive anxiety paralyzes you with fear.  It contributes to excessive ruminating, catastrophizing, futurizing:  being captivated by worst case, instead of staying present to shape better outcomes.  By working together, we can keep our anxiety productive.  Stay tuned, we’re here to support you in leading your family, team and organization through.

We’re with you,
Angie and Courtney

Watch this webinar and learn how to thrive in uncertainty.

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