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Leading from the Front Paperback Release

Angie Morgan, February 6, 2017

Leading From the Front

“What if we were to write a book on the leadership principles we learned in the Marine Corps?”

Courtney and I asked ourselves that very question more than a decade ago. During that time, she was a practicing attorney and I was working as a sales rep in the pharmaceutical industry. We had both experienced several situations where an ounce of leadership – when demonstrated by management – could have gone a long way. We had realized that not everyone gets access to leadership training and knew that if more people did, our world would be comprised of stronger, more capable leaders.

The idea to write a book came relatively easy to us. Writing the book, however, did not. We thought it would be a fun, after-hours project. While it definitely needed to be written in our spare time, the process wasn’t fun at all! It was painstaking to craft an outline, select stories, and unify our voice in a manuscript. Once we had a pretty good working draft, we needed to get a publisher. Again, not an easy process. We were fortunate that we found an agent who believed in us, shared in our vision to inspire greater leadership in our world, and wanted to represent us. Our agent also encouraged us to write our book for women leaders because they were least likely to turn to the Marine Corps for leadership inspiration.

When Leading from the Front launched in 2006, our greatest hopes were that our friends and family would buy the book and slowly help us build our sales. Much to our surprise, the market responded immediately because we met a need. Women professionals craved new ideas on how to advance their career, strengthen their leadership skills, and build greater influence in their professional environments. Leading from the Front was also written in narrative and women appreciated not just receiving advice, but hearing – through stories – how the guidance was (or wasn’t) demonstrated.

We’re excited to share that Leading from the Front has been released in a paperback version with an updated cover. We’re honored our publisher, McGraw-Hill, wants to support women professionals on their quest for leadership development and they’re featuring our work to do so.

If you haven’t yet, please check out Leading from the Front – it also makes a great gift for:

  • Emerging women leaders
  • Young women entering into the workforce
  • Mentees seeking greater leadership inspiration

We appreciate your support and all you do for leaders in our world.

Keep Leading from the Front.

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