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Lead Star in the News

Lead Star, March 27, 2017

Listen in to some of our recently published podcasts

Author Angie Morgan Discusses SPARK
Nasdaq Reads
Angie joins host Brad Smith on #NasdaqReads to discuss SPARK and how leadership can occur at any level, regardless of job title.

Author Courtney Lynch Discusses SPARK on #ConversationsLIVE
Host Cyrus Webb and Courtney discuss SPARK and what she and the co-authors hope readers will take away from it to use in their personal and professional lives. Listen here.

Author Sean Lynch on 33Voices
Host Moe Abdou talks to Sean about the intangibles of modern leadership and why leaders should never stop challenging their assumptions. Listen here.

Author Angie Morgan Discusses Leadership on
Read To Lead Podcast
Host Jeff Brown talks to Angie about how and why leadership is misunderstood and four keys to becoming a credible leader. Listen Here.

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