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Does Planning Feel Like a Waste of Time?

Lead Star, June 29, 2020

Two weeks ago, we wrote about the Return to Office journey.  Just a few days ago, we talked to many of you who are now returning to your home offices (again) due to COVID cases spiking in your community.  So, yes – all the effort you made to adjust to a new “new normal” does feel a little pointless.  And that summer vacation that was supposed to be your spring break?  Yes, that’s probably been either postponed or cancelled, too, making the entire convention of planning seem like a massive waste of time. 
We know many of you depend upon planning to thrive in life – we value creating visions and taking proactive steps towards our aspirations.  We also know that it’s pretty hard to put energy and effort into anything that has a high likelihood of either being disrupted, postponed, or cancelled entirely. 
So, what’s a leader to do?  To start, don’t abandon planning.  And, definitely, don’t give up on your vision.  Click here to learn three important aspects of planning that will help you better lead yourself through COVID.

Weak Ties Still Matter
We’ve been working diligently on delivering learning programs to our clients to help them position themselves for post-COVID success.  In our conversations with them, we’re all learning that in our COVID worlds our strong relationships are growing stronger … and our “weak ties” are growing weaker.
This makes sense.  We tend to pull our circle closer during crisis, investing in the relationships that matter most in the immediate future.  Plus, we’re not running into our weak ties at the water cooler or in the breakroom, so the “out of sight, out of mind” effect is taking hold and those relationships are growing cooler. 
Here’s an exercise to assess your relationships – check out your most recent emails/texts.  Has your circle shrunk?  Is there a noticeable pattern?  If you’re not in the office, this is likely the case. 
Work is the greatest team sport there is.  As a leader, make sure you’re pushing yourself to broaden your outreach to people you routinely don’t engage with, even if it’s just to say “hi.”  Not only will this make your and the other person’s day, but the organizations that are able to keep their teams strong and together in this environment will be the ones that rebound the fastest.  A strong team can, and will, move mountains.

Stay Inspired 
We know everyone is experiencing life very differently due to local and state guidelines.  Where new “stay at home” calls are being put into effect, and other states are loosening travel restrictions, there’s still a collective experience: we’re all in a space of tremendous uncertainty, which can make it hard to find inspiration. 
Join Angie on July 8 at noon ET to hear her talk with the authors of Dare to Inspire about simple, yet effective, self-leadership practices that can help you stay motivated and engaged in this COVID world.  Here’s the registration link.
Thanks for all you’re doing to keep leading from the front in this environment.
We’re with you,
Angie and Courtney

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