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It’s Never Too Late to Start

Morag Barrett, July 23, 2018

It's Never Too Late to Start

Did you hear the cacophony of groans and cheers that sounded this week?

I received an email from the school district this week announcing that it was “Less than a month till ‘Back to School.’” It’s a rare example of the local school district’s sense of humor, which is lost on many, not sure whether the email is designed to make all students miserable or to give hope to parents that the end was nearly in sight.

Given that the email included the ever-dreaded link to the list of “back to school items” that need to be purchased, I’m thinking it’s designed to make everyone miserable. (I’m sorry just what is a Trapper Keeper? These either aren’t used in the UK or called something else …)

The summer has flown by and as I considered the start of a new semester all my grand plans for things to accomplish during the vacation time remain firmly on my ‘to-do-list’ vs my ‘done-list’.

The thing is, it is NEVER too late to start. Instead of allowing myself off the hook, or promising I will try harder next year, I took a deep breath and started a new list. My 30-in-30 list.30 things I intend to accomplish in the next 30 days to ensure that Summer 2018 is a success.

So what made the cut? Well, I can tell you what didn’t, the balloon ride, the trip overseas, the promise to workout every day… but what has made the list is an eclectic selection of personal, domestic and social activities. Here are some examples:

  • Personal commitments to go ballroom dancing 3 times and professional commitments to read two of the books on my office desk (there is a pile of 10 waiting for my attention).
  • Big items (replace the kitchen countertops) and little items (hang the pictures that have been sitting on the floor for the last 2 months).
  • To ensure we have a couple of outings with the family into the mountains (a visit to the pinball museum) and a trip to Red Rocks for a concert with friends.

We often create lists for big milestones like New Years (just how many resolutions are broken by Jan 3rd?) and forget that any day is a milestone and time to create a new commitments list.

Don’t wait till “After Schools go Back,” start now. Which list are you going to create, and, more to the point, what are you going to put on it? 

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