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It’s Going to Get Slower Before…

Lead Star, April 13, 2020

“Winning has nothing to do with racing. Most days don’t have races anyway. Winning is about struggle and effort and optimism, and never, ever, ever giving up.”
– Amby Burfoot, Author, Journalist and Winner of the 1968 Boston Marathon

Current Environment: Build Your Endurance
We’re running a marathon right now.  Here’s the kicker: we’re not even sure what mile we’re at, but many of us are already feeling worn out and we know there’s a great distance ahead of us. 

While we might be spending more time outside, fueling our physical health, we’re probably not thinking much about renewing two other energy sources that are key for the endurance race we’re in:

  • Emotional Energy: The quality of our energy
  • Mental Energy: The focus of our energy

Here are a few resources to help you build greater emotional and mental capacity during this period:


Redefining Performance Amidst Covid-19
We know the last few weeks you’ve likely been overwhelmed with activity; from adjusting to a home working environment, to supporting your organization’s immediate response to the pandemic, to preparing to be your child’s teacher.  Your days have been filled with busy activities; now, as you settle in, unless you are part of one of the few industries surging during this time, you’re going to be less busy.  As a high-performing professional, a lack of activity is going to feel disorienting.  Get used to it … fast.  We’re settling into a new rhythm and we need to reset the pace – a pace we can keep for the foreseeable future.
To support you, this Wednesday’s webinar will be titled: Redefining Performance Amidst Covid-19.  We’ll talk about building new habits that will sustain you during this period, which will translate into the post-Covid shift we will eventually experience once we resettle back into more familiar working routines. 
To register, click here.
During this session, we’ll feature feedback from our Crisis Cohort on what their working worlds look like and what they’re anticipating based on what they’re hearing.  Their impressions form valuable insights because we all have a collective experience to draw from to inform our own day-to-day.  (Want to join our Crisis Cohort?  Click here.)

We commit to you that throughout this experience, we’re here for you.  We want you to build a greater capacity to lead while you’re responding to the environment we’re in.  If you have any questions, or would like to connect with us, feel free to reach out:
Email Angie
Email Courtney
Our best,
Angie and Courtney

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