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Introducing the SPARK Experience

Lead Star, March 1, 2018

Welcome to the SPARK Experience

America’s Best Selling Book on Leadership
is Now a Custom Experience

Leadership development is the key driver of organizational performance. When it’s missing, the effects are real:

  • Team performance is not as strong as it could be
  • Colleagues feel overworked and stretched too thin
  • Team members are defensive when they get feedback

If this is going on in your organization, you can do something about it. You can play a role in helping your team, department, or organization get back on track.

Every day we help people like you, all over the world, influence outcomes and motivate the people around them to perform at their peak levels.

Now we want to help you.

We’re proud to introduce the SPARK Experience, a one-of-a-kind learning resource designed to help you develop the same leadership skills we teach in leading businesses and organizations around the globe.

What’s more, the SPARK Experience is 100% free.

That’s right. No subscription fees. No hidden content waiting to be unlocked. We’ve removed all the barriers that stand between you and the best version of yourself because at Lead Star we know better leaders make a better world.

Step 1: Choose Your Experience

Identify the best approach for your time and your team.

Start Here.


Step 2: Select Your Resources

Choose from videos, slide decks, handouts and much more.

Find Resources.

Step 3: Get SPARK For Your Team

Order copies at a reduced rate to launch your experience.


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