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Index Your Progress

Courtney Lynch, December 5, 2016

Index Your Progress

As we near the end of 2016, it’s valuable as leaders to assess our progress. Leadership development is a journey, not a destination.

Grab a blank piece of paper and take some notes as you consider these points to clarify how you advanced this year:

  • How did the year feel? Don’t just focus on the end of the year rush, think all the way back to the start of the year. You might flip through the photos on your phone for a brief walk down memory lane. List adjectives that describe the sentiments of this year for you. Look at your list. Was this year an epic one that deserves repeating? Or, would you like different descriptors for next year?
  • What were your three most significant achievements at work? List all the ones that you can think of and then highlight three that really made a difference to your career, team and organization. Seek to understand how you were able to achieve the results you did.
  • Reflect on lessons learned. What truths or best practices were clarified for you this year? List them.
  • What were key disappointments or missed expectations for you this year? By taking a look at what we didn’t achieve, we become aware of gaps we might wish to shore up in the future. Or, we realize we have old goals and we need to let go of them.
  • How did you have a positive impact on your family and friends? Service-based leadership is about taking action on behalf of others. How did you add value to those you care about the most?

After you’ve assessed where you’ve been, plan time to celebrate by making an appointment to do something that’s meaningful to you. Then, set your sights on where you are going. Envision what you want to accomplish in 2017. Explore how you will make those goals happen and describe your intent for the year. With just a bit of reflection, you’ll have the beginnings of a plan for 2017. That plan will be a reference point for change that will allow you to act with intention.

We are excited our new book, SPARK: How to Lead Yourself and Others to Greater Success will hit shelves on January 3rd. We’ve designed SPARK to support your leadership development journey. Commit to read SPARK, by pre-ordering it today, and start the New Year poised for progress.

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