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How to Inspire a Growth Mindset

Angie Morgan, March 11, 2018

“Make it better.”

That’s the mantra of one of our clients, a small manufacturer in the Midwest. Whether they’re developing their product or focusing on a process, their intent is clear – each day is an opportunity to improve. This growth mindset is more than baked into their cultural DNA; every employee adopts it. 
We enjoy working with this group because individuals are hungry for new ways of thinking, eager to hear feedback on how they’re doing so they can improve, and incorporate cross training so they can learn from each other.
Growth-mode is invigorating; whenever we work with this client, we leave the site refreshed and inspired. Their “make it better” spirit is undoubtedly contagious.
Does this sound like your work environment? Or, perhaps, the work environment of your dreams?
You can play a positive role in making “it” better wherever you are – and whatever that “it” is for you. 
Getting better starts with an inspired vision. When was the last time you checked in with yourself to see how clear and fresh your vision is for you?
Watch this video from SPARK author Sean, who’ll highlight what a clear vision can do for you. Once complete, check out the self-reflection exercises on the SPARK Experience including “Your Vision” and “100 Day Action Plan.”   

Being better starts with great intention, then the commitment to act. And, don’t forget – we’re here to support you on every single step of the journey.


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