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Have to Have High, High Hopes for a Living …

Angie Morgan, September 9, 2019

Regarding the subject line and image … you’re welcome!  Who doesn’t need a little Panic! At the Disco earworm to kick off their Monday morning?
So, right now I’m putting together the finishing touches on our How to Develop Grit Webinar on September 19th.  (Not registered yet?  Hey, click here!) 

Were you aware that one way to develop grit is to have hope?  As I was writing on the concept of hope, I thought of some of the negative (or not so favorable) statements about it:

  • Hope is not a strategy
  • Harsh reality is better than false hope
  • Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst

But not all hope is bad.

Let’s start by talking about what hope is.  It’s a mindset that helps us envision success and satisfaction in our life.  It’s a concept that helps us believe that good things can happen. 

We actually need hope to start anything new.  Hope for different or better can get us in the arena for new opportunities and exciting changes.  Hope alone, though, won’t ensure our success.  We also need effort and perseverance.  (This is where grit comes into play.) 
Our hopes are typically attached to a specific object or outcome:

  • I hope I get the promotion
  • I hope my child gets accepted to their school of choice
  • I hope the client selects my proposal
  • I hope I finish the half marathon

I like to think that the best kind of hope is productive.  

Productive hope is often grounded in reality by acknowledging there are several outcomes to our scenario, some more favorable than others.  Productive hope let’s us ensure that we’re living in reality, not some sort of make believe world where we choose to ignore the reality that we may not succeed.  Productive hope is also followed by action and timelines.

So, I’m curious … what are you hopeful for?  Take some time today and write down several things that you hope.  Challenge yourself, too, to think of the outcomes that could happen, which will let you balance your hopes with reality.  Also think of what actions you can take to ensure that what you are hoping for actually comes to fruition.

As for me, I’ve got a few high, high hopes on my mind …!  And since I know that thoughts become beliefs that become behaviors, I’m working hard each day to make sure my hopes have action plans that I can keep working on.

I HOPE you have a great week ahead!!  

Keep Leading from the Front,

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