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Going Home, Taking Action and Staying Aware

Lead Star, July 27, 2020

I’m Home!

Thank you for all the amazing well wishes and encouragement as I begin a new chapter back at home in the Washington, DC area.  My family and I made the cross-country drive safely, to include social distancing, eating outdoors, and finding ways to have fun along the way.  (Thanks for that, Trip Advisor!)   It was powerful to hear stories from the people we met about how the pandemic has impacted their lives and to see firsthand the spectrum of responses to the times.  While the journey certainly highlighted divisions in our country (passing through communities where few were wearing masks surprised my children), it also revealed the America I know best and have served proudly – one of resilience and commitment to come back from this pandemic stronger than before.   – Courtney

Debate, Decide, Do

A thrilling part of our work at Lead Star is the opportunity to learn from the best.  We are currently delivering a virtual leadership development experience for managers at Clif Bar & Co.  Clif is a trailblazing brand, which is reflected in its action-oriented, and forward focused culture.  Their new CEO, Sally Grimes, is evolving the company towards its next era of success by empowering a culture where leaders practice the candor to rigorously debate on the path to thoughtful, timely decisions.  Then, they take action.  Her mantra of debate, decide, and do reminds us that process and action are equally important.  Especially in crisis times, intentional action is essential for results.  Where in your work have you debated and decided but not yet done?  Let this reflection be a call to action.

Emotional Fortitude

Emotional fortitude is the ability to stay clear-headed while exploring your emotional reactions to stress, change and disruption.  Covid times have given us the opportunity to do the inner work necessary to be able to make the best choices possible in the face of uncertainty.  Strong leaders, when stressed, acknowledge their emotions and quickly shift to understanding why they are feeling them.  When uncertainty is high, emotional fortitude is essential.  In tough times, our instincts encourage us to suppress discomfort, yet by embracing and examining it, we are better able to move through it successfully.  Emotions play a positive role in decision making when you allow them to highlight lingering questions, doubts and concerns— all that you can follow up on resolving.  Creative problem solving and bold new options most often have their roots in emotional experiences … as long as you take the time to understand why you feel what you do.

Here’s to a great week ahead.

We’re with you,
Angie & Courtney

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