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Extend Your Gratitude, Appreciation, and Any Help You Have to Offer

Angie Morgan, November 23, 2020

“Help us.  Buy a cake at our Mall location.”
Those words were written on the sign outside my hometown’s Dairy Queen – we have two.  One is located near a mini golf course, the other – as the sign indicates – is at the mall. 
I, Angie, saw this sign during a routine kid commute last week.  The words Help us stopped my heart.  I thought about the franchisees who invested in the two Dairy Queens in my community.  When they bought into the business, they were investing in themselves, their dream.  Now, amidst the pandemic, their dreams are dying.  They, like so many of the people in our communities, are really struggling to stay afloat.  This was their plea to their community to help them stay solvent.
I thought about what it must have taken for these folks to be so blatant in their ask for help and their specific request; I then thought about others in my life who likely need help, but haven’t found the courage to ask for it. 
Asking for help is a hard, humbling proposition for anyone.  It’s one of the most vulnerable things we, as leaders, do.  It’s the recognition that we, as individuals, are in a really tough spot and can’t get out of it without the support of others.  Many of us hate to feel so exposed like this, but let’s face it – we’ve all been there before. 
Knowing how hard it is to ask for help should be a call for us, as leaders, to not wait for others to do it.  We should take the initiative to offer our support in as many ways as possible so that we’re useful with what we have.  It often doesn’t take money to help someone; sometimes it’s just a phone call.  Believe me, we all have something to give. 
This Thanksgiving, that’s my simple request – make the time to extend what you’ve got to others so we can be a source of inspiration.  Share your appreciation for the work your colleagues do, extend your gratitude to your family (who may not be joining you at the table, but are there with you in spirit), and commit time to helping in ways that you can. 
Little things add up to big things.  And big things?  Well, those can mean the world to someone else.
With gratitude,
Angie and Courtney

p.s. I bought a cake … it’ll serve as a wonderful complement to the pumpkin pie I plan on serving this Thursday.

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