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End 2020 with Intention

Courtney Lynch, November 30, 2020

Well, we made it.  We are now at the starting line of the last month of 2020.  This year end feels different for many of us.  That makes it even more important for us to be intentional about how we are wrapping up 2020.  A client of ours recently said it best, “This isn’t the year to just try and cram everything into the last weeks that you can.  This is a year to pause, reflect, and do what matters.”
Leaders approach life with intention.  Intention isn’t about trying to control your days.  It’s about working to shape them so they feel well lived.  How do you want your end of year experience to be?   Think of a theme for this coming month that matters to you.  Perhaps it will be, “Peaceful and productive.”  Or, “In the moment with the season.”  A popular one for Courtney’s family is, “Fun December.”
In addition to starting the month with a theme in mind, here are best practices for leaders seeking to end a challenging year on a higher note:
Thank the people who made a difference to you this year.  Perhaps it was a colleague at work who offered support consistently, a key client who you enjoyed working with, or a coach or teacher who made a difference for your child.  Share your gratitude with these friends, colleagues, and leaders.
Identify one “get it done” project you’d like to finish before year end.  Just one.  Think of something that’s been hanging over your head for a while, like that never urgent but important work project or a home organizing project that, when done, would make life a bit easier for you.  Then go for it with gusto.  When it’s complete, resist the urge to add three more to your “to-do” list. 
Plan holiday fun.  Festivities will be different during the pandemic, yet make sure you’ve got joyful things to look forward to.  Order tickets for an outdoor event or plan a special meal with those in your Covid bubble.  Doing less, better is a path to minimizing stress and maximizing connection this season.    
Make an appointment with yourself to get ready for 2021.  Plan a couple of hours into your calendar now for a day in December where you’ll take time to get organized for the coming year.  During that time reflect on lessons learned in 2020 and think expansively about what you’d like to experience in 2021.  Dream big for the year, consider many possibilities and potential priorities.  Then, focus your reflection on the initiatives that matter most.  Note them, and plan to review your notes throughout 2021.
Here’s to a strong finish to the year!

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