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Don’t Ignore Unhappy Facts

Angie Morgan, July 11, 2016

I recently attended a luncheon where the keynote speaker, an inspiring entrepreneur, shared several philosophies related to leading your life. One point really stood out to me: Don’t Ignore Unhappy Facts.

In our “look on the bright side” world, we’re often encouraged to gloss over some frustrations we experience:

  • Strained relationships
  • Unclear future
  • Poor working environment
  • Lack of career goals

When ignored, these challenges can begin to pile up and, as a result, unhealthy, unproductive emotions can emerge quickly, such as resentment, lack of hope, and discouragement. When left unattended, these emotions can consume us.

As leaders, we need to wake up and deal with the truth, however happy or unhappy it is.

Walking away from this keynote, I made a point that I needed to check in with myself to see how I was doing. And then on my car ride home, I started going through a mental checklist: How’s my family? How’s my career? How’s my team? How are my relationships with my friends? This hasty life audit helped me reflect upon areas in my life where I needed to spend more attention and, as a result, forced me to find some quiet time where I could think and write out what I was feeling and what I needed to do to address some challenges I was experiencing. As a result, I found myself more focused on how I could be a better leader in my most important relationships.

I urge you, too, to go through an audit and start assessing what’s going well, what’s bothering you and what needs to be improved. Then, work to identify actions you need to take to work on the issues you’ve uncovered.

It’s in these quiet, reflective moments that we’re able to hear ourselves completely and learn what actions we can take to be better leaders – not just in our own lives, but also among those who look to us for leadership.

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