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Define Your Experience

Lead Star, August 24, 2020

Right now we’re all understanding how a single year can shape the course of a life.  And, while it’s easy to think it’s the circumstances that make the experience memorable, it’s actually our response to them that determines impact.   The past six weeks have been about realizing that our pandemic experience is going to last longer then we hoped or thought.   Here’s our challenge to you: What will you make of the rest of 2020? 

We’re witnessing a trend among the leaders we work with.   They’re getting more intentional about defining the experience they want.  Here are actions we’ve observed leaders taking just this past week:

  • One junior manager influenced executives at her company to share information on dates and timelines for a possible return to the office.  Her company had been silent on the topic, taking a wait and see approach.  She was able to advocate for greater clarity during this time, prompting leaders to announce teams could work from home until at least February 2021, and that they would share another update in early November to help employees fine tune their planning.  No one can predict the future, yet we all can be decisive to create clarity from what we know today.
  • After being told his office is closed for the rest of the year, a talented mid-career professional is deciding to live out 2020 on the road.  He’s rented Airbnbs in areas with limited COVID cases and will now spend a couple of weeks at a time working remotely and enjoying a variety of places he’s always wanted to visit.   It’s costing him some of his savings, yet he’s excited to be seizing an opportunity he thought would only happen in retirement.
  • A mom of three, who is also a busy professional, decided to change completely how she works to better accommodate online learning for her kids.  She approached her boss about shifting her working hours and will now work weekends to have flexibility to be more present during school hours.   She’s making choices she never thought she’d make, yet feels excited and empowered by how they allow her to better live her values.

The common trait in these scenarios?   Leaders are working proactively to shape circumstances, not be at the mercy of them.  No matter how challenging life gets, keep focused on the choices you can make that will allow you to get through this pandemic.  Ask yourself today: What can you do, change, or let go of to ensure the experience of surviving 2020 shapes your life in positive ways?   
We’re with you,
Angie & Courtney

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