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As a global leader in oil field services, Schlumberger needs strong leaders to ensure health, safety and environmental goals are achieved while results are being driven.

Lead Star has completed numerous employee development and curriculum design projects for Schlumberger. They routinely turn to us for leadership training for their critical employee populations.

During one such occasion, Schlumberger engaged us to design and deliver a two-day instructor-led workshop followed by a 30-day post-course webinar to reinforce learning to oilfield professionals. The course was delivered to 340 total participants over 19 sessions.

Reaction Data

Immediately following our two day instructor-led course, participants were asked to provide feedback regarding the quality, relevance, and value of the course. The feedback says it all.

97% Agreed This Course Was Valuable

The vast majority of Schlumberger's participating members found the course valuable after the training process.

97% Rated the Course as Very Good or Excellent

Many participants felt that the course either met or exceeded expectations.

96% Would Recommend This Course

96% of our participants felt that they would recommend the course to their colleagues.


Lead Star works to blend the look and feel of our materials to match our clients’ existing programs. To give you an idea of what this means, here is another example of the work we provided for Schlumberger. The sample materials pictured showcase content from a course that is targeted to those with supervisory and management experience. The course consists of a two-day instructor-led workshop followed by a 30-day post-course webinar to reinforce learning. This course also includes a DiSC assessment to provide participants with clear feedback on their leadership style.

Schlumberger Workbook

"Thanks again for the wonderful job. I can honestly say that you changed our company! We practice skills that Lead Star taught us daily and are constantly holding each other accountable. Most of all, the personnel answering to us thank you. A very positive trickledown effect. We all look forward to your next class.”

Senior District Manager, Schlumberger

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