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Facebook began humbly enough, but when they started to grow—they really started to grow!

Scaling a culture can be difficult, especially when the organization is experiencing fast growth. Facebook’s sales organization turned to Lead Star for a customized leadership development program to manage the company’s growth and scale the culture as new hires joined their team. They were looking to create nimble teams that could navigate complexity. Our solutions impacted frontline sales team members to senior leaders.

We applied our research methodology to understand the unique culture of Facebook, which influenced the courses we designed and delivered for new hires and emerging leaders. 

Our courses focused on applying leadership fundamentals in a fast-paced organization. We utilized experiential learning, creating a dynamic learning environment while also providing senior leaders executive coaching programs to help them manage their own teams, many of which were global.

The samples pictured below showcase the instructional design support for our on-boarding programs, “train-the-trainer” initiatives, and core curriculum drafted to support employee development surrounding best practices for expressing Facebook’s Five Company values.

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