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Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific’s Neuromodulation sales organization identified a need to equip its emerging leaders with leadership skills so they could be more influential among key accounts.

We created two programs to run simultaneously for Boston Scientific: a Clinical Specialist Training course and an Emerging Leaders Training course, each lasting nine months. The course designs included three live sessions (spaced 60 days apart), with experiential learning activities spaced in between to reinforce course learning.

Both leadership journeys provided a foundational leadership development experience, with each session carefully designed to ensure the adult learning experience. After each module was presented, participants were given an opportunity to reflect on and discuss the module in relation to their role. Experiential activities, such as learning games and role-play scenarios, were presented throughout the live sessions to enhance the learning continuum.

Results Matter

Participants were asked to provide feedback regarding the quality, relevance, and value of the course. The feedback says it all.

98% Would Recommend This Course to Others

The majority of participants felt that the course was worth recommending to others within Boston Scientific.

95% Reported Positive Improvement

Our focus is on actionable methods that lead to achievable change. Most of our participants felt that they experienced a positive improvement in their day-to-day processes.

100% Have Utilized New Skills

When we return to talk with former participants, we're particularly interested in how often they use their new skills. 50% responded most of the time, and 23% responded consistently.

"Lead Star played a critical role in training our mid-level leaders. The curriculum the Lead Star team designed was consistent with our culture, which ensured that the entire experience was relevant and engaging. I would highly recommend Lead Star's services to any organization looking to drive performance." 

Allen Meacham, Vice President, US Sales, Boston Scientific

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