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The Most Important Choice Ultra Successful Leaders Make

Courtney Lynch, July 31, 2017

Make This Choice to Become a Successful Leader

Most of us understand that we can do more as part of a team than we can alone. Humans really are better together. That is if, and it’s a big if, they can work well together.
At Lead Star, we are committed to supporting organizations in getting better results through focusing on their people. Our work requires us to observe, assess and develop leaders at all levels of organizations. While we support organizational design and development, one of the key factors contributing to our success with clients is being able to share small, nuanced insights with the right leader, at the right time. These insights are shared as we support them in making choices that demonstrate their leadership capability.
Through the luxury of being able to learn from outstanding leaders every day on the job, I’ve come to realize that the best leaders make one simple choice far more often than their mediocre counterparts. They consciously recognize that being a part of a team is a better place to be and they choose to create value for the team before they create value for themselves.
Ultra successful leaders recognize that their highest point of contribution can only come when they are acting in ways that serve and support a team. Exceptional leaders are certainly aware of their individual needs, yet they are quick to subordinate them for the good of the group. Why? Because our own needs can be highly distracting. We might want praise, the spotlight, more money, a promotion, extra time off, more information, status, power or prestige. It’s not at all bad or wrong to want these things – lots of us do. The challenge comes in the behaviors we demonstrate when we become narrowly focused on the pursuit of personal gain.
If you want to level up and achieve greater results as a leader, work hard to envision a way you can achieve success with, for and because of others. When you can shift your focus from yourself to the group with full integrity, you’ll begin to identify what you can do to truly be better, together with your colleagues at work or your family at home.
Resist the urge to ask, how can I be more successful? Instead, consider: What can I do to make the team better? In doing this you’ll discover unmet needs, opportunities to support others, new standards of excellence and a better path forward.


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