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Bringing Goodness Front and Center

Courtney Lynch, May 20, 2015

Bringing Goodness Front and Center

People truly enjoy being appreciated, respected and nurtured. Simple goodness never seems to go out of style.

I recently returned from facilitating a retreat for dynamic, successful leaders. The participants had been invited to attend, all expenses paid, purely for the experience. Meaning, there were no strings attached, the event’s sole purpose was a “give back,” created to convene and connect talented professionals. At a beautiful spa setting, the participants enjoyed a day of relaxation followed by a day of leadership learning.

They left energized and ready to take their leadership impact to the next level. But, that was only after they worked through how skeptical they were to be invited to participate in something that seemed, “too good to be true.”

The more effective you are as a leader, the more you are able to bring goodness front and center, taking actions purely for the results and value they bring to others. Here are four steps for bringing a heightened sense of goodness to your leadership style:

1. Recognize your impact. Your behavior and actions make an impression on people. Leaders realize this and work to make sure they show up in ways that showcase their credibility and sincerity.

2. Value yourself. We can’t lead others until we recognize our talents, worth and contributions. Know your strengths, and have the self-awareness to anticipate blind spots. Yet as you improve upon your weaknesses, affirm yourself in the process.

3. Listen and serve. Goodness requires a sense of understanding. When we can anticipate what our colleagues, friends and family need or want, we are better prepared to be helpful.

4. Don’t worry about credit. If we are honest with ourselves, many times in our professional lives our actions are motivated by a desire for accolades and recognition. It’s great to be noticed, but it’s not always important. We’re practicing simple goodness when we let go of a need to be affirmed, and instead just seek to do what we believe is valuable.

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