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Be Better than Your Instincts

Angie Morgan, December 21, 2020

The other day I received a voicemail from a neighbor that was charged, uncharacteristically so; they thought my dog was in their yard and they weren’t happy about it at all. 
I called my neighbor right back, sharing the news that Sully was taking the day off and had been chilling in his bed all day, so it wasn’t him. This didn’t satisfy my neighbor. He still wanted to be mad – at me. For no reason. Or, at least, for no reason of my doing. 
Later in the week, I had several incidents similar to this – in the grocery store, on the road, in texts – where it was just clear to me that the environment we’re in right now is stoking our worst emotions.
As we as a nation watch the COVID death tolls climb, even with the promising news of vaccines being shipped, we’re experiencing this interesting concoction of fear, doubt, and worry, with a tinge of hope sprinkled in. We’ve endured this challenging environment for so long and our patience is so thin it’s transparent. It is 100% natural for us to be at our wit’s end … yet, it’s not healthy or helpful to channel our stress and frustration to other people.
The hardest leadership environments are the ones where you’re working against the climate you’re in – trying to be positive when it doesn’t come easy and others aren’t onboard with your attempts to strive for the higher ground. So, what’s a leader to do?
Double-down on your commitment to being better than your instincts.
To help you, you’ll need to supply your own sources of inspiration:

  • Start your day with intention – remind yourself of what you value and be focused on bringing this center in your life
  • Listen to the music that soothes you; it’s easier to be calm when you’re surrounded by calm
  • Go out for a walk … even when you don’t want to – fresh air is rejuvenating
  • Don’t add more to your plate; where you can, simplify so you don’t invite more stress in
  • When others bring their stress to you, be open to listening … but be careful not to turn this into a misery session, where complaints go back and forth in an attempt to claim victory over who has the worst lot in life

We need leaders more than anything right now. And we’re here to support you. #beaspark

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