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Are You Playing it Safe?

Angie Morgan, April 29, 2019

Master Kevin: Is it okay to break your nose in class?

Kids in Tae Kwon Do Class: (Silence)

Master Kevin: Yes, it’s okay. The only place where you’re not going to get hurt is on the couch, eating cheese, wearing your footie pajamas and watching cartoons … .

I overheard this lesson at my son’s Tae Kwon Do class. As Master Kevin launched into a discussion about how life is hard, but it’s worth getting off the couch to live, I couldn’t help but smile. It was the exact lesson I wanted my son to hear. And while it’s a lesson I hope he picks up from my example, I’m real – my words and actions sometimes mean less to my son than the same words and actions coming from someone else.

So let’s talk about this life – this real world place where you’re bound to get your nose broken, your dreams crushed, your cage rattled, and you’re almost guaranteed to take a big risk and lose.

We might think: This place is tough. I should play it safe.

But there’s danger in safety, too. Safety means you’re not stretching yourself, pushing your boundaries, and daring into arenas where you can test yourself to see what you’re made of. Safety, too, can sometimes mean we become complacent – that even though we’re given this great gift of life, we squander it be keeping ourselves unchanged, the same.

I believe there’s a space between careless and careful when it comes to risk taking. Careless means we risk something very important to us that we shouldn’t – like gambling with our values. Careful means we hedge during risk taking and never put both feet in.

I like to call that space between careless and careful as “conscious commitment.” Conscious means that we’re eyes wide open when we realize what’s at stake and we’ve squared this risk with our value system so that “we’re good.” Commitment means “all in,” at all costs. There’s no hedging.

I believe there are things that you can consciously commit to if you really think about it. These are often our dormant dreams – you know, those things you think of doing but never really get around to. Revisit your dreams. Do great things. What are you waiting for? Since we can’t time travel, let me recommend that you choose to consciously commit soon … like today or tomorrow.

Best of luck on your adventure! Know that you’ve got a few cheerleaders in your corner.

-The Lead Star Team

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