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Accepting the Moment

Lead Star, August 10, 2020

We’re surrounded with so much uncertainty right now.  While it’s important to recognize challenges and difficulties when they’re present, be aware that these moments are also accompanied by opportunity.  
It might be hard to believe, but the more unpredictable the environment, the greater the opportunity … that is, if you have the leadership skills to capitalize on it.  
What are those skills?  The World Economic Forum periodically surveys global leaders and advises on the essential skills needed for success.  Some skills stay on the list for years, others come and go.   Here are the big five for today (predicted years before COVID hit) and those that will be needed in anticipation of 2022:

Needed Today

1.  Analytical thinking and innovation
2.  Complex problem-solving
3.  Critical thinking and analysis
4.  Active learning and learning strategies
5.  Creativity, originality and initiative

Needed in 2022

1.  Analytical thinking and innovation
2.  Active learning and learning strategies
3.  Creativity, originality and initiative
4.  Technology, design, programming
5.  Critical thinking and analysis

The subtle shifts in the list accent the importance of consistent learning, the value of thinking, and the significance of the rapid pace of change in the technology, design and programming space.
We all want to be relevant both today and tomorrow.  At Lead Star, we’re noticing how life in pandemic times illuminates strengths and gaps with these critical skills within organizations, as well as individuals.  Challenge yourself periodically – what are you doing about what you are learning about yourself?  How are you growing to meet the demands of today and tomorrow?


Pandemic Blues?
Experts have been correlating the pandemic experience to a grieving process.  Many of us understand how feelings of grief or sadness can often surprise us when they pop into our days.  Most of the leaders we coach share they’ve been experiencing unexpected down times or sadness as they recognize the long-haul nature of living through a pandemic.  The pandemic blues are real. 
When you experience the blues, don’t ignore them.  Unprocessed emotion is like a weight you’ll carry around too long of a time.  Find the space to process what you’re experiencing.  Human productivity is rarely consistent. It’s more likely your performance at work is coming in peaks and valleys during this time.  Work within this reality, giving yourself the time you need to recharge or surge – depending on how you feel. 
We wish you a great week ahead.  Stay mindful of learning.  These are not the easiest of times, yet there are many opportunities to grow, let go, improve and just be.  Stay in the moment.
We’re with you,
Angie & Courtney

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