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These stories exemplify the impact of our work:



Schlumberger is a leader in the Oil and Gas Industry that depends upon job safety to ensure its employees work in environments where their health and welfare is a priority, and that the nature of their work is performed in the safest manner possible. Rather than focus on compliance-based safety measures, making safety practices cumbersome, Schlumberger turned to Lead Star to help them develop behavior-based practices that encouraged mentorship and inspired greater safety initiation. The ultimate program that Lead Star created was a two-day classroom experience, followed by three webinars that were delivered over the course of three months to provide participants a learning continuum to reinforce course learning objectives. Lead Star also worked diligently with Schlumberger to track the program’s success, to include how leader development contributed to retention and organizational goal accomplishment.



Facebook’s sales organization turned to Lead Star when they determined they needed a customized leadership development program to manage the company’s growth and scale the culture as new hires joined their team. Lead Star applied their research methodology to understand the company’s unique culture, which influenced the courses they designed and delivered for new hires and emerging leaders.  The courses focused on applying leadership fundamentals in a fast-paced organization and they utilized experiential learning, creating a dynamic learning environment. Lead Star also provided senior leaders executive coaching programs to help them manage their teams, many of which were global.


Prince William County Fire Department

Prince William County Fire and Rescue was responding to more challenging field assignments and an increased number of calls; they needed every team member to be a leader who was self-motivated, proactive and demonstrated sound judgment (especially in environments where there were no rules or standards to guide action). The Department turned to Lead Star to design and deliver (2) four-day programs that were customized to their organization, as well as to create a Leadership Reaction Course that provided team members an experiential leadership opportunity. Each course is targeted to a specific employee population, providing team members the leadership guidance they need that is relevant to their roles and responsibilities.


Norfolk Southern Corporation

Norfolk Southern is a proud industry leader in diversity and offers its employees the opportunity to network across their company through their Women in Norfolk Southern (WiNS) affinity group. Each year WiNS hosts a leadership summit to provide its members a professional development event that equips them with business-related skills. Lead Star has been involved in three WiNS leadership summits, presenting originally designed programs tailored for WiNS members. 100% of all WiNS program attendees have evaluated Lead Star’s programs and all have agreed that Lead Star’s programs are valuable for their professional development. Based off of these results, Lead Star has expanded their relationship with Norfolk Southern and continues to be the firm they turn to support their diversity initiatives.


Cafe Rio Mexican Grill

Cafe Rio needed a leadership development program for their frontline managers that offered both soft-skills and operations training to help them lead their company’s expansion across the United States. They relied on Lead Star to help create the leadership framework for the program, which consisted of identifying organizational values and leadership actions commensurate of a Cafe Rio leader. Lead Star also provided instructional design for the course and created all collateral materials for the event, which included a unique course brand. Lead Star supported a train the trainer program for Cafe Rio trainers, who ensured the course’s successful delivery across each of their company’s regions.


Michigan Works! 

Michigan Works! is a workforce development agency responsible for empowering its state-wide population to possess the skills necessary for current and future jobs. Lead Star has worked with several of its centers to deliver programs that inspire greater leadership among key managers in the system. Lead Star also has partnered with the Michigan Works! Association to deliver strategy sessions to senior leaders and Board Members in the system to assist them in navigating the complexity of their environment. As Michigan Works! continues to evolve their system and address the employment challenges in its state, they rely upon Lead Star to provide them the skills necessary to be leaders and deliver the results their populations expect them to achieve.


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