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“Thanks again for the wonderful job. I can honestly say that you changed our company! We practice skills that Lead Star taught us daily and are constantly holding each other accountable [...]" Senior district manager, Schlumberger
“We cannot thank you enough for the unbelievably fabulous leadership training. It was by far the best training I have ever attended, and have heard nothing but glowing feedback from the rest of the team. Attorney, Broadcom
“It will truly affect the way I approach each new day at work and at home. The sooner one is exposed to Lead Star principles the more resistant one will be to society’s misguided definitions of leadership.” Director, Michigan Works!

Core Competencies through Cultural Analysis

Discover how we developed leadership programs that mapped to cultural maxims at niche insurance leader Hagerty.

How we analyzed it

Fast-paced, dynamic learning environment

Facebook needed a flexible, expedited leadership program that could keep up with the company’s accelerated growth. Learn how we helped new hires join the fold and provided senior executives with the tools to lead them.

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Emerging Leaders, Experiential Training

Find out how custom-designed modules enabled emerging sales leaders to take key accounts to the next level.

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Leading to safety, tracking success

See how behavior modification—reinforced by classroom sessions and follow-up webinars—enabled oil and gas leader Schlumberger to focus on safety, beyond the limited scope of compliance measures.

How we improved safety

Leadership Moments

Monday morning insights and anecdotes to help you start your week in a leadership frame of mind.


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7-Day E-Course

Habits are hard to break. Turn leadership into a habit, and learn why influencing outcomes is a matter of being true to yourself and accepting responsibility for your actions. Take our 7-day course and discover how to inspire performance and collaboration—in yourself and others.

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Our Story

Each Lead Star consultant is a U.S. military Veteran: As ordinary people put into extraordinary situations, we discovered that leadership is not innate—it can be developed. Since our founding, we have partnered with organizations to cultivate that skill, focusing on creative solutions and service-based leadership that empowers individuals to be authentic, proactive, and accountable.

Our Team

Led by co-founders Angie Morgan and Courtney Lynch—both former Captains in the U.S. Marine Corps—Lead Star consultants bring a unique combination of academic, military, and business experience. We form adaptive, collaborative partnerships, and we’ll do whatever it takes to understand your challenges—whether that means shadowing your manufacturing line or working in an oil-field in subzero temperatures.

Industry Leaders

As leaders of the industry, Courtney Lynch and Angie Morgan serve as Directors for the Center for Creative Leadership’s Partner Network, an innovative program that provides independent consultancies the opportunity to affiliate with CCL, gain access to its exclusive leadership development tools and resources, and receive business coaching to assist them with marketing their services and growing their business.

We’re Published


“Leading from the Front”

Backed by years of experience, “Leading from the Front” presents practical leadership tactics for women, designed to encourage calculated risk-taking while eliminating excuses and self-doubt.



Sparks are the doers, thinkers, innovators and key influencers who search for ways to succeed. But Sparks are not born—they’re made. “Spark” gives you a roadmap for your leadership development.

Leadership Blog

When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen. – Ernest Hemingway Contrary to popular belief, most employees do not quit their jobs because of pay or benefits. The findings of a Gallup study released in early 2015 shared that half of all employees who quit did so because of Read more

| February 1, 2016 | empathy

Do you ever think that your co-workers don’t need your leadership? Perhaps: They don’t report to you. They have been doing their job a long time. They are really good at what they do. They are very experienced. If you subscribe to one of those reasons, you’re perpetuating a misconception Read more

| January 25, 2016

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